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Purdue Chemistry Game
The Chemistry Game Project attempted to create an fun 3d game that was able to teach college level Chemistry. On the project, I took on many roles including Project Lead, Designer, and Gameplay Programmer.

During the time I was with the project, I primarly worked on a one-puzzle demo. In the demo, the player has to work out the Haber-Bosch Process of Synthezing Ammonia. This is achieved by feeding tanks into a large machine and using a "temperature gun" to adjust reactors. For this demo, I programmed all the gameplay surrounding the puzzle. This includes:
  • Puzzle Logic
  • Tank Interaction
  • Feedback (monitors)
The demo itself is to large for download but you can download a video of the gameplay here: demo walkthrough
The following are different modules written to help run the demo

Note: The engine used to develop this game was TrueVision3D. Our lead programmer developed a wrapper engine that handled graphics, loading resources, and entity communciation. All of the prototypes developed were made using this engine. All code was written in C#.
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