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Naveen Nattam
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Smashout was the result of the Full Sail Final Project class. Working with 4 other students, I helped design and develop an arcade style game that is best described as a combination of pinball and breakout. My role on the team was the Gameplay Programmer and I was in charge of integrating the systems developed by the rest of the team (sound, input, GUI, particles, rendering) to create all the game mechanics. This included, but was not limited too, collision, game logic, and tool development.
You can download the full game here download and read our development blog here dev blog

source code examples:
  • CController - allowed us to mix/match seletion/rotation schemes .h | .cpp
  • CNearestPaddle - a specific selection method .h | .cpp
  • CQuadrantSpin - a specific rotation method .h | .cpp
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